On this website you will find ready-made logic groups for the LOGIKEDITOR. The LOGIKEDITOR is a web application for the graphical creation of logics and automation functions within the EIBPORT.

The implementation of a graphical editor based exclusively on state-of-the-art browser technologies opens up completely new possibilities for users and system integrators. For example, you can use the extensive comment and search functions and reuse logics you have created once by exporting and importing them as logic groups. Simulate complex scenarios in the browser before you transfer them to the EIBPORT. New logic elements, such as "Calendar", "Lua Script", or "Statistics", make it easy to implement demanding tasks. With small helpers - the so-called "tools" - values between two elements can be modulated or filtered at lightning speed. The web-based implementation makes the use of the LOGIKEDITOR independent of operating systems. Use the LOGIKEDITOR on almost all end devices. It can be used parallel to the existing "Job Editor" of the EIBPORT. The existing jobs from the classic editor are retained and can be edited there if required.



The LOGIKEDITOR offers the following functionalities:

• Easy to use in web browser
• Graphical linking of logic elements
• Simple operators (tools)
• ETS Project Data Import (.knxproj files)
• Unlimited number of data points
• Simulation incl. start time and time scaling
• Import and export of logic groups
• Search function incl. search for communication objects
• Configuration without affecting the running operation (working copies)
• Automatic recovery points
• Context-sensitive help texts for logic elements
• Dashboard with important system information
• Editing history for restoring different versions of logic groups

Further information on LOGIKEDITOR can be found at www.bab-tec.de